Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wear Antik Denim Jeans To Live Style!

Celebs love to be spotted in Antik Denim Jeans!

Antik Denim is destined to become the new American classic. It’s not about denim: it’s about the pleasure of denim. Antik Denim's comfortable fit, premium material, and an attention to details has raised the bar.
Antik Denim has quickly become a recognized premium denim brand in the U.S. and internationally. The manufacturing of the collections is distinguished by a craftsmanship and care reminiscent of a lost art. Each pair is individually decorated, chasing an era when things were made by hand. Exclusive Japanese, Italian and American fabrics are used for their quality and comfort.
Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff,
Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopes… the names are too many to be counted! All are the fans of Antik Denim Jeans.
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