Confessions of a Drama Queen: 
Anything and everything about fashion, travel, photography and life's sweetest pleasures.

Stoned Gypsy
A blog about the Vintage Clothing

Bella 185
A beautiful blog about the latest fashion brings for you by Bella 185

Roses Are Red...Violets Are Blue
An aspiring fashion journalist trying to conquer her closet

Deals For The Short And Curvy
This blog is a place where I record my outfit of the day.
The Hot Spot
A girl with a passion for fashion. 

Lisa B.'S Blog
My art work. Photo, video and music...

 Fashion Fever
A fashion blog about Top Celebrities.

 Skinny Intern
Fashion industry blogger and model with In's and Outs of today's latest fashion trends.

 Liberty London Girl
The thoughts of an English Fashion Editor in MANHATTAN on Life, Love And Food.

Alice In Wonderland
Fashion for all of us living in Wonderland.

Unconventional Morning
Alan Li- sixteen year old fashion blogger from Toronto, Canada.

Where Everything Cool is Hot.

Ruedes Models
A blog about the sizzling hot models around the world.

Trust Me
This diary is my kief, hashish, and opium pipe.

 Your Everyday Style
The musings of an Californian fashionista always looking for new inspiration.

A Le Mode
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring. -Marilyn Monroe

Brunch After Breakfast
Photographs, thoughts, inspirations with a splash of current obsessions.

 El Vico Pop
 A blog about fashion. Everything you need.....

Next Model Hottest
A Male Model related website...

Spoils Of Wear
I am Jill. I am a bargain shopaholic. This is my not-so-serious take on life and style.

Understated, never over the top.

Gossip Style Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* Varna, Bulgaria
A fashion blog presented by Sonya from United State Of America

New Born Hippy  Fashion/Life/Inspiration 

Vogue Feeds Me
A blog about the latest Vogue Fashion and Gossip

Wardrobe Oxygen: A blog about women style and their beauty.

 Wearable Art: fashiOn wasn't what yOu wOre sOmeplace anymore, it was the whOle reasOn fOr gOing!

 The Cloth Whisperer
The Fashion Blog with Wit that Sparkles.

David Casavant: A Fashion Blog

FriChic: 28-year old girl, stuck in an unimaginative environment, obsessed with traveling and shopping.

PATRICIAFASHION: A Polish Blog About Fashion.

Luchielicious: A Personal Blog about daily photo-shoot and fashion.

The Owl's Closet: Just an average gal who moonlights as a bargain huntress at night.

Hey Fancy Pants : Thrifting, travelling, food, a walk in a park,

 Lovely Fringe: I'd rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not." -Inspiration

Small Town Chic: A Small town chic inspired by fashion.

Desayuno Sin: All about Fashion

What Goes On: A Fashion Freek Girl calling you towards you in her fashion world

Smile: Celebrities Gossip, Celebrities Fashion, Fashion Trend and much more

Organized Mess: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,

Glamour Girl: 20 years old and the one & only owner of  Glamour Girl Tips

 B. Jones Style: a magic place of Instant Outfit and The Society Girl of the Week
A Witty Women: A 20-something who loves food, fashion, shopping and traveling.
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8th Street: Fashion, design, music, art, photography...a little bit of everything