Friday, October 2, 2009

“Kari Ann Peniche is a liar!” States Christian Audigier

ED Hardy Designer denies the former beauty queen’s claim!

Beauty queen and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon, Kari Ann Peniche was stripped of the Miss United States Teen title after appearing nude in the November issue of Playboy Magazine. From then she is struggling with her career and doing whatever she can to keep her name alive at the fashion scene. Even her famous “Eric Dane nude tape” could not help the cause! Her latest attempt of capturing the attention of fashion media is her claim of entering in collaboration with the famous ED Hardy Designer, Christian Audigier.
She made her way over to Audigier studios fueling assumption, and told celeb chat outlets afterward that she got herself a design contract.
"I'm goanna be working on a bikini line," Kari Ann Peniche said.
However, the spectacle didn’t remained concrete for too long, as the paparazzi were a bit quicker than Kari Ann Peniche would have thought! They reached Christian Audigier in a flash and here is what they got…
"Those are just rumors!"
Christian Audigier denied any collaboration and told that she was not the first to try to use the ED Hardy title for her self-promotion. Definitely, Christian Audigier is a tag, which can increase your popularity in mounts if affiliated with you. Therefore, Kari Ann Peniche is not that much at wrong in thinking this!
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