Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seven7 Jeans is Celebrating its 30th Birthday This Season

The vintage denim brand is now at a new hype of Style!

Since 1978, recognized for soaring excellence, finer fitting and grace, the brand Seven7 Jeans is one of the most popular women jeans name in Europe. The collaboration of the style splendor of Los Angeles is combined with European elegance. Moreover, Eastern flavor of traditionalism is added with the addition of Karim Rashid’s designs; resulting in a masterfully stitched product known as Seven7 Jeans.
Since 2004, Seven7 Jeans is also contributing to the clothing trends with its tops, hoods, shirts, trousers and other apparel. The masculine glimpse of originality is the core style feature of every Seven7 Jeans’ product. Ornamental pasting and zippers enhances the glittering effects of Seven7 Jeans and tops. Geometrical and floral colored printed tops when combined with skinny straight-leg jeans makes for a trendy Seven7 style!
The trendy socialite jeans of Seven7 lines are available all around Europe at several company outlets. It is a bit difficult to find the vibrant Seven7 Jeans in the United States and other parts of the globe but Dress4Less provides the solution.


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