Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stylishly Dress for Less

Stylishly Dress for Less | Finding the Best Dress for Women

Dress for Less in Style

Stylish dress for women in floral pinkDo you sometimes find yourself wondering as to how celebrities always manage to look so good no matter what the occasion is? Well, as much as we want to believe it, they are clearly not born that way. Of course they rely on their stylists to help them find outfits that will make them stand out. Unfortunately, not everyone is living on an A-lister budget and can afford the service of a great stylist. But then again, you don’t necessarily have to be a big star in order to look like one.  With a little dash of creativity, imagination and obviously some helpful tips from wardrobe experts, finding stylish clothes for women gets a lot easier.

Professional stylists from the industry have generously shared some of their inside knowhow’s to help other women improve their style without spending much cash:

1.   Stand tall – According to fashion designer and stylist Gail Ambeau, if you want to look slimmer you need to find a pair heels that force you to push your shoulders back when you walk. Wearing heels does not only help improve posture, it also creates the illusion of your legs being longer. If you’re not used to killer heels, maybe you can start with a platform as this offers more support. Others also recommend nude-colored ones to further enhance the ‘leg illusion’. There are dresses for women that go well with this kind of color. If you’re uncertain, you can always choose those that complement your skin tone.

2.    Dress according to mold– Personal stylist Noelle Cellini suggests wearing dresses that draw the attention away from your flaws.  For instance, if you have big hips, you can wear tops or dresses that highlight your slimmer parts. Disguising imperfections by wearing clothes that flatter the natural silhouette always leads to great transformations. It’s also important to be aware of your body type so you can find dresses for women that suit your unique style. 

3.    Learn to explore – Professional stylists say that it is always great to try different styles. Designers nowadays are more experimental. Clothes for women that are made specifically to fall at beautiful angles are widespread. If you’re able to find something that makes you look stylish yet doesn't compromise your comfort, then you could say that you have found your perfect match.

4.    Don’t forget the basics – Of course, no matter how fabulous new trends are, you cannot completely disregard the classics. Black dresses for women, crispy button down shirts and even that nicely-shaped denim that you use for fashion emergencies should never be gone from your closet.  You can say that these are the ones that will never be out of style.

Stylish Women Dresses For Less

Ladies always have the option to dress for less. If you want to look as stunning as your favorite celeb, you can check out Dress 4 Less site as they offer the most stylish apparels at reasonable prices.  You can be your own stylist without the worries of becoming a fashion victim. Make your purchase now! 

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