Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Choosing Fashionable Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing: From Tacky To Trendy
When you come inside a room and you feel the attention on you but all for the wrong reasons, you may want to take a step outside and see for yourself if have come looking like a total wreck. Most people don’t realize that they are what others call a ‘fashion victim’.  You don’t have to be labeled as one if you only have an idea on what looks great on you.  Clothes for women come in various styles and patterns therefore you only need to be meticulous in choosing the right ones for you. Here are some tips for you to look marvelous:

1.    Know your body type – the first step to looking good, when it comes to clothes, is knowing your size and body shape.  You can look in the mirror, examine your physique from all sides and determine if you’re an apple, peach, pole or an hour-glass.  There are certain types of cut that can make you appear either slim or round.  Depending on what illusion you are aiming for, you need to understand that wearing the correct clothes for your body silhouette will make you look a hundred times better.
2.    Mask your problem areas – learn to accept your flaws so that you can find a way to work around them.  It is advisable to buy clothes for women that will balance out your imperfections.  If you are a bit round, you may buy dresses or tops that will draw the attention to your thinner areas.  Avoid big or scattered prints as these will make you look much fuller.  Skinny ladies need to wear clothes that would give them shape.  Dresses for women that are cinched at the waist or flare at the bottom will help create an image of volume and outline.                     
3.    Be mindful of the length – Length plays a big role in making a woman appear much taller or slimmer.  Dresses for women don’t have to be extremely short for you to look as tall as a model.  You only need to show half of your legs (it starts right before your knees) to create an impression of being longer.  When buying pants, look for those that fit you properly.  Nothing beats the comfort of being able to move freely in stylish denims.
4.    Find your hue – Colors can either flatter you or make you look unappealing.  Remember, your skin tone sets the colors that match you.  If you are fair-skinned, bold-colored clothes for women will look stunning on you.  If you are sun-kissed, then pastel shades will suit your style much better.  If you are not confident, avoid mixing clashing colors.
5.    Wear the appropriate undergarment -  No matter how beautiful your dresses, tops and bottoms are, if you are wearing the wrong size then you will not get the proper support that you need and bulges will appear everywhere.

Where To Find Fashionable Women’s Clothing
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