Thursday, August 8, 2013

Women Dresses For Different Body Types

Types Of Dresses To Flatter Various Women’s Body Types

They say that women are very particular about the clothes they wear not because they are naturally meticulous but because they want to present themselves in a way that would both bedazzle and impress those who would see them.  Clothes and accessories to women are like cars and gadgets to men.  It shows social standing and reflects the level by which they take care of themselves.  

The key to finding the appropriate wardrobe that would go well with your figure is to know exactly which type you fall under.  In choosing dresses, remember that no matter what body shape you have, your clothes should always flatter your silhouette.

Generally, there are 4 basic body types for women:  

·         Apple (top-heavy) - Clothes for women under this category should draw the attention away from their arms and waist.  Halter dresses are perfect because the deep ‘V’ redirects the focus back to the neck and bust line.  It also creates the illusion of the person being taller and slimmer by narrowing the area of visual concentration, thus, diminishing the ‘round-image’ effect.  
·         Rectangular (straight) - As for women who have cylindrical-shaped bodies, it would be best if they would wear clothes that would ‘pinch’ their waists and enhance their curves.  Since there are a lot of dresses for women nowadays that incorporate volume and femininity to their designs, finding one that suits you best would be easy.  Look for those that have frills and ruffles to eliminate your boyish look.  Experiment with patterns and colors to make your midsection appear smaller.      
·         Pear (bottom-heavy) - Ladies who are gifted with slightly bigger hips (as compared to their busts) should try a dress that has an embellished neckline or halter top.  This will emphasize your torso and balance out your hips.  The 50’s-inspired frock dresses for women can also help redefine your lower-half.       
·         Hour-glass (proportional) – Women who are fortunate to have this kind of physique can very well dress for less. This does not automatically imply that you have to wear revealing clothes. You only need to add some new twists to the classics and you’ll still look marvelous.  Showcase styles that greatly express your personality.   

More About Women’s Clothing

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