Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rosario Dawson Poses For Shape Magazine

Rosario Dawson is a singer, actress and songwriter perhaps best known for her roles in movies such as Sin City, Men In Black II, Eagle Eye, Alexander, Rent and Seven Pounds. She recently posed in a bikini suit for the fitness magazine Shape and shared her opinion on society's current view of beauty in women.

Wearing white bikini bottoms paired with a long sleeved top, the actress looked undeniably beautiful. Thirty-two years old and still possessing of a very fit and sexy figure, Rosario Dawson believes that the prevalent view regarding beautiful women being thin is a form of violence against women.

While she was doing press for her movie Rent, she was told that she looked great and was asked how she looked so thin. She lost weight to get into character and believes she looked emaciated in that film.

She also says that regularly tells girls that everything in the media is airbrushed and everything is retouched, no one actually looks that thin. However, Rosario Dawson was glad to have done the photo shoot for the fitness magazine as it allowed her to show her normal self.

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