Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The new name for Prom Dress is Zum Zum by Niki Livas!

Zum Zum Dresses expresses the real inside of a woman.

Either it is about halters or sleeveless, the maxis or about strapless, the only name comes in mind is Zum Zum by Niki Livas! Listed among the top ten trendsetters in 1998, Zum Zum by Niki Livas has earned its place beside the best prom dresses brand of the day.
“I love prom because it was my most enjoyable night growing up!” Niki Livas summarizes the cause of her passion and craze for prom dresses.
Niki Livas is now governing many celeb featured tags lines including Zum Zum by Niki Livas, Zum Zum Boutiques, and Niki by Niki Livas and Niki Livas Red Carpet. Sleeveless, Halters and Maxis are the basic presentation of prom dress collection of Zum Zum by Niki Livas and the sole place on net to get hands on them is

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