Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fleurish is the newest addition to the Dress4Less Prime Collection!

The name Fleurish may not be common but it is trendy!
Los Angeles and New York, both are the cities of style and fashion; every new trend is embedded in the daily routine of these cities. Just like Milan or Paris, LA and NY are considered as the fashion capitals of the world. A new name rising out of these fashion cities is Fleurish!
Striving to keep its finger on the pulse of fashion, Fleurish Clothing has now extended its range from Junior Clothing to premier fashion clothing. The excellence of design and the lusty effect of fall are the main fashion headlines of every single creation of Fleurish Clothing!
Are you familiar with Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Audrina Patridge, Camilla Belle and Charlize Theron?
All these beauties are regularly spotted in colorful tops and apparel from the sizzling collection of Fleurish Clothing. Get yourself listed with the cream of fashion and style by finding yourself in one of the sexy dresses by Fleurish Clothing available from Dress4Less.

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