Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maggy London Sizzles The Sex And The City!

award winning Maggy London dress at Dress4Less
The team of the play decided to take up the risk and filmed a movie by the same name The Sex And The City. Outcomes were not too bad. The ratings of the serial were raised. The movie was nominated for many awards.
But the only glitter The Sex And The City could secure was on the stage of the Satellite Awards. The award was won for the best costume designer by Patricia Field for her vibrant dresses in The Sex And The City. And the most of the credit goes to Maggy London.The Sex And The City Dress at Dress4Less As the nominated Print Silk Twill Shift Dress, worn by Cynthia Nixon was actually a Maggy London creation!
Maggy London is now a huge tag in the designers’ lot of women dresses.Stars like Megan Fox, Nikki Reed, Jennie Garth and Cameron Diaz have featured the zealous Maggy London Dresses.

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