Monday, November 5, 2012

Lulu Guinness set to launch Diffusion Line in US

Lulu Guinness set to launch Diffusion Line in US

The globally recognized British fashion brand, Lulu Guinness, is going to launch its new chain of dedicated boutiques and stores in partnership with the American retailer JC Penney.

The new collection that includes handbags, beauty accessories and gifts will see light of the day in the spring of 2013.

This venture is only confined to US. This, there is a good news for the American ladies who can shop Lulu Guinness’s high-quality products in their hometowns.

Lulu Guinness poses to be a big fish of the global fashion industry. It designs a number of beauty products including dresses, cosmetics, handbags and all the other accessories.

If you want to present a gift to some of your beloved ones, Lulu Guinness will be the best option as it always contains a vast collection of gift items.

Lulu Guinness’s products are popular all over the world, but the British ladies seem to be crazy about the brand.

After its blockbuster success in Europe, Lulu Guinness is ready to capture the potential fashion market of America. In this regard, Diffusion Line will prove to be a big step.

All the paperwork and the logistical matters are over; the venture will be on within a few months.

Lulu Guinness has proved its worth by offering immaculate quality and affordable prices. Moreover, its variety of styles and innovative trends are really matchless.

It is hoped that this brand will be able consolidate to its place in the US market very soon. The beauty conscious Americans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Diffusion Line.

Most people regard Lulu Guinness as the top-ranked accessories brand. Its unique and distinguished posture has earned it this fame and name.

After the Diffusion Line, Lulu Guinness will go for some other experiments as well. It aims at spreading its tentacles all around the first world.

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