Friday, February 12, 2010

Black is Back!

Black is one color, which is never out of the fashion. No matter what is the season or what is trend, black has always been in since the very traces of fashion. From the very start of fashion from ancient Greek and Roman royal figures to the modern day red carpet celebrity appearances, black has been the ruling color in women dresses class.
There was a time in late eighties until mid-nineties that black dresses were associated with specifically formal wearing or dinners that are more corporate. The trend lasted too long than it should be—resulting a sheer downfall to the “evergreen” Black Dresses.
However, the Fall 2009-10 & Spring 2010 brought back the trend in a huge manner. Not only the ramps were full of black shines but the red carpets also glowed with the sizzling black dresses. Celebs wore more and more spotted wearing black dresses all around the fashion world this season especially at award ceremonies.
Grammy Awards are one of the events that are waited all around the world by fashion lovers. This year, the Grammy red carpet glittered with the black shine of glamorous celebrity dresses.

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