Monday, September 14, 2009

Taverniti SO Jeans makes entrance at American Idol!

Katharine McPhee in Taverniti SO Jeans Finishing as the runner-up on the fifth season of the Fox reality show, American Idol, the sensational Katharine McPhee is the latest craze for music and style lovers. Her debut album not only gathered the second position on the Billboard Top 200, with 378,000 copies sold but also earned her several awards and on screen appearances.

More importantly, American Idol’s hottie, Katharine McPhee was spotted wearing sizzling Taverniti SO Jeans. Just between you and me there are also rumors flying around that Katherine McPhee could be the new face of Taverniti SO Jeans!

A spin off from the sports collection by Jimmy Taverniti, Taverniti SO Jeans has made its marks in the fashion world in only 5 years! Along with Katharine McPhee, starlets like Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton are regular customers of the trendy Taverniti SO Jeans.
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