Thursday, September 3, 2009

Britney Spears is the new brand-face for Candie’s!

The singing sizzle now tags her voice for Candie’s add campaign.
Britney The Face of CandiesFashion is the craze of women from the times before history. It’s either sports personal or a screen beauty, a working women or a housewife, all need to get enriched with the glimpse of modern styling trends. This fact has made the competition among the fashion brands very tough.

To emerge on the fashion hype in days is quite impossible for any up-coming tag. Companies use several techniques for their sale promotions. The Diva looks sexy in Candies adsOne very effective method is to get your brand modeled by any hot celeb. This marketing practice has worked for many fashion brands including Candie’s.

Candie’s was not a struggling brand as sensations like Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff, Fergie and Hayden Panettiere had posed for its cameras. However, the brand was not so hot selling as it’s now; before it had the burning Britney Spears as the face of the tag line.

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